Lighthouse Counselling

A guiding light to help you find your way
My name is Dana Burton. I live in Nottinghamshire with my family and cats. 
I formed Lighthouse Counselling after volunteering and being employed as a Counsellor for 9 years.
I decided I wanted to offer a quality, affordable Counselling Service to include the option of online sessions so that I could reach people that are either unsure about or unable to access face to face Counselling.
I have experience counselling children, young people and adults, all ages 6 - 60+ with issues ranging from self-harm to bereavement, domestic violence to gender identity, all manner of traumas and relationship issues.
Take a look around my page and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Unfortunately this business is now closed.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please visit the Samaritans webpage or give them a call if you are looking for help or advice urgently.

Thank you
If you are struggling and need some help urgently, please call Samaritans on 116 123 or consider calling 999 or visiting your local A&E department.
The 'Further Support' page also suggests some other agencies and websites you may find useful.
Telephone Counselling
Counselling sessions held over the phone. I will call you at the same time each week on the phone number you provide. Your telephone session will be for an hour, please ensure you are comfortable and will not be interrupted.
Online Counselling
The advantage of e-mails is that you can write the e-mail in your own time, at any time, anywhere. You can also read my response at a time that is convenient for you.
We will exchange a weekly email on an agreed day. I use a Safe-mail email account to ensure the highest security and privacy.
We can agree to a block of 6, 8 or 12 e-mail exchanges, payable upfront at a discount, or we can take it one at a time.
Skype and Instant Messenger
A great way to hold online sessions in real time, bridging the gap between face to face and online Counselling.
             Face to Face Counselling
Weekly sessions held in a comfortable room, where we can explore your issues in a variety of ways. 
I can offer short term or long term work and skills from a variety of different theoretical appraoches.
Book now / Request information
Visit the 'Contact me' section to send a message now, or the 'Prices & Booking' section to go ahead and book your first session.
What is Counselling?
- Imagine that really good feeling you get when you have talked to someone you trust about your problems, knowing they have listened to you, understood how you are feeling, and won't speak to anyone else about what you have told them. What a relief. Counselling aims to give you that feeling by providing a safe, non-judgemental place for you to talk freely and make sense of everything that is going on. Then we go one step further to explore together how you can begin to work on your problems, change how you think / feel to become more content and feel more in control of your life.
Why choose online?
- As our lives get busier and the demand for Counselling increases, many people are finding it difficult to access face to face Counselling when they need it. So to match the growth in social media communication, Online Counselling is beginning to be offered.
E-mails, skype and messaging is also a form of communication becoming second nature to many, a preferred way to communicate for some, so why not?
Online and Telephone Counselling will specifically reach those that are housebound through physical limitations or chronic social anxieties, parents with little ones at home to look after, and ex-pats or travellers preferring to speak to a Counsellor in their homeland.
What can I talk about?
- Absolutely anything. I have worked with people of all ages experiencing allsorts of problems, past and present. If I feel I can't help you enough I will refer you to somewhere else that can. Please see the 'About me & my work' section for more information about the issues and problems I have experience working with and the confidentiality statement.